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We are accepting applications from all classes / advance classes.


"From the shadows we strike the heart of the Republic in the name of our own greatness.  The Empire is our home and where we claim allegiance, but our only true allegiance is to ourselves.  We are the Rising Malevolence that will conquer and rule the galaxy not because it is our destiny, but simply because we can." -Darth Tythreck

Rising Malevolence is a multi-faceted guild that participates in all the content that SWTOR has to offer.  Whether it is PvP or the multitude of PvE content and soonTM Role Playing, we seek to ensure that all our members have the ability to engage in whatever they enjoy!  We regularly schedule guild events for our members to participate in; for example: our ever popular "Drunken World PvP"

Located on the Ajunta Pall server (West coast RP-PvP server), Rising Malevolence is a rapidly growing guild that welcomes all who think they have what it takes to dominate the galaxy!

 1 - Rising Malevolence does not support under-age drinking.  Under age members are encouraged to participate while enjoying their favorite non-alcoholic beverage.

Basic Guild Rules:

-Be respectful of other Guild Members

-Be a Team Player and assist your fellow guild members

-Be able to get on Team Speak 3 during Raids, Operations Groups, and other scheduled events

-Register on the Guild Website & Forums to become a full member of the guild and be promoted to the rank of Agent.

-Use of Team Speak and the Website are required to be considered for advancement in the Guild past the rank of Agent.
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